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Rich information about Filipino people, culture, traditions and resources will enable expats make the most of living in this country or other countries. For foreign expats, being equipped with relevant data about the Philippines will certainly make your stay the most pleasurable one. This site also aims to provide Philippine expats in other countries to trace their heritage and useful links which they can pass on to their children.

Culture and Traditions

Filipino people are typically family oriented and clannish. Children show respect to their parents by kissing their parents' and elders' hands, known as "mano po". Single children even over 18 years of age can stay with their parents. They are not required to give for the family's sustenance if their parents are affluent. However, a single working son or daughter staying with his parents usually shares the responsibility of feeding the family or sending their younger siblings to school out of love and necessity.

Filipino family reunion

Filipino Family Reunion. Photo Courtesy of Marisol Muñoz-Tan

Our families may also include old grandparents. Elderly homes are not quite popular among us. We take care of our old parents until their demise.

We are also fun loving people. We love to make family reunions during special occasions such as Christmas, wedding, birthday, fiesta and wake for dead relative. All these contribute to the strong family bonding with each member learning his/her fair share of household chores and to be gracious to other family members.

Most of all, we are known to be hospitable people. We give preferences to our visitors in terms of our food and facilities at homes. It is also worth mentioning that Filipino people are very polite and courteous being the third to the last rudest people on earth.

Communicating in English will not be a problem. Philippine schools are teaching English and it is used as the medium of instruction. Besides the common dialect, an ordinary Filipino is able to communicate in Tagalog and English.

Natural Resources

Our country is blessed with many natural resources. It has two distinct seasons: dry and rainy. Dry season usually falls during November to April while rainy season falls in May to October. Dry season does not mean there is no occasional rain. Same is true with rainy season where sun also shows some of the days. This season pattern supports rich flora and fauna of the country. Forest area is around ¼ of the total 300,000-square- kilometer land area of the country.

With 7,107 islands, its coastline is one of the longest in the world. Around 2,400 fish species are found in the country many are for home consumption and for exportation. There are wonderful beaches in many islands of the country which have captured the eyes of the world. Some of them have gorgeous collections of corals, reefs, clams and other marine creatures. Boracay Island Beach with white sands, clear water and palm tree lined ranks among the world’s top beaches. Our Tubbataha Reef National Park in Sulu is a UNESCO heritage site with amazing displays of marine life.

Collage of Phil. natural resources

Photo Collage of Philippine Natural Resources Courtesy of I Love Philippines!!! (Green Mango)

Living in Philippines

Many existing expats, mostly married to Filipinos have enjoyed living in the Philippines. Davao, Butuan, Bohol, Dumaguete, Cagayan de Oro, Tablas Island, Leyte and Samar are found to be ideal retirement places. Your monthly income/pension, which may only allow you to live ordinarily in other countries, may already afford you to live a luxurious life in the Philippines. This is because of the cheap living standards in the country due to abundant supply of natural resources and low cost of labor.

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Filipino People-True Nature and Struggles
Learn about the true nature of Filipino people, our status and how quite a number became successful in our chosen spheres.
Famous Filipinos and Their Success Stories
Learn from the excellent attitudes behind most famous Filipinos’ success which are worth emulating for all of us Filipinos and expats, including visitors.
Filipino Culture in Evolution
Learn about the Filipino culture for easy adaptation and pleasurable stay in the country. For Filipino expats, this site hopes to augment your knowledge about your roots.
Filipino Products for Local and Foreign Markets
Our country is small yet blessed with rich natural resources sustaining Filipino products for an inexpensive cost of living for Filipino people and foreign expats.
Filipino Food-Variety and Attributes
Taste our variety of Filipino food with flavor that will tickle your palate and which our expats are yearning abroad. For foreign expats and visitors, there are yummy recipes to choose from.
Philippine Islands-Land of Wonderful Nature and People
Consider visiting or living in Philippine Islands which is blessed with diverse and amazingly beautiful natural spots and super friendly Filipinos.
Living in the Philippines
Visit our land and see how easy and cheap living in the Philippines is. With the right choice of place and people your dollar will go beyond forty times (US$ to peso rate).
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