Filipino Food-Variety and Attributes

Taste our variety of Filipino food with flavor that will tickle your palate and which our expats are yearning abroad. For foreign expats and visitors, there are yummy recipes to choose from.

Foreign Influences

Ancient Filipino food was cooked simply- - -boiled, broiled or not cooked at all. Just like our culture and tradition, our food has undergone evolutions. Indonesian, Malayan, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Spanish and American influences brought about these changes.

Chinese influence in our food is evident in the presence of noodles. Arabian shawarma and kebab are recognized in the country. Our Filipino adobo is a variation of the Spanish adobo. American foods introduced canned goods, beef steak and the presence of fast food chains serving hamburgers, fries and chicken cooked in American style.

Filipino Cooking Attributes

Filipino desserts collage

However, the taste of Filipino recipes is premised on sourness and a bit more on salt and/or sugar. Sourness is evidenced in “sinigang” (stew), adobo, beef steak and “paksiw” using vinegar, tamarind, mango and calamansi. “Bagoong” or fish paste, “patis” (a seasoning from fish), dried fish and use of “sawsawan” or salty dip sauce reveal our inclination towards salty flavor. Many hearty desserts disclose our love for sweets.

Filipino desserts collage. Photos Courtesy of Best Filipino Foods.

Filipino way of cooking manifests ingenuity and thrift. Pig’s head parts are chopped and cooked with spices into a dish called “sisig”. This appetizer is gaining the popularity of beer drinkers’ taste buds. Sisig is also served as viand.

Chicken parts which are otherwise not given value before are now cleaned well, marinated and barbecued for sale. Broiled chicken feet known as “adidas” and chicken intestines prepared as barbecue cost so much less but already provide lunch/dinner for a dwindling purse. Chicken skin and pork intestines are fried into crispy “chicharon” specialties.

Good Cooks

Noted to be good cooks among our people are Pampangueños and Ilongos. However, other tribes are also known for their food/recipe. Cebuanos are known for their lechon, Ilocanos for their bagoong, Tagalogs for their desserts and Visayans for their kinilaw.

Filipino main dishes

Filipino main dishes. Photos Courtesy of Filipino Foods.

It has been observed that Filipinos work in almost any part of the world. Their distance has created their longing not only for their families but also for Filipino recipes. Many Asian stores are already operating in many foreign countries to fill this longing. Many exotic foods can already reach their kitchens and tables.

Our Foods and Chefs Abroad

Other Asian foods such as Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai recipes have already captured the palates of non-Asian nations. They have restaurants in western countries. Unfortunately, however, our foods are left behind.

The slow recognition of our recipes can be attributed to many food varieties. The country is composed of many islands, many varying tribes with each tribe having food specialties.

Although our food has still to catch up with other Asian foods, it’s comforting to know that many Filipino chefs are recognized in other countries. They have received awards and key positions in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, other parts of Europe and Asia. A Filipina is the executive chef for White House and the first family for two terms.

Have A Favorite Filipino Food?

I love my squid cooked as adobo. I also like lechon paksiw because my late mother cooked it so deliciously. How about you? What’s your favorite Filipino food and how should it be cooked? Share us your tips so we can enhance our cooking.

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